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August 15, 2013

Property Type:
22.8% of purchases were by Move-Up Buyers (down from 23.7% in June)
17.9% by First Time Buyers (up from 17.5%)*
11.0% buying Revenue/Investment Property (up from 8.6%)*
10.8% buying Recreation Property (up from 5.1%)*
9.8% moving from Single Family Home to Strata Unit (down from 17.1%)
5.7% moving from Strata property to Single Family Home (up from 4.3%)*
4.5% moving into Retirement Home/Seniors Community (down from 4.7%)

* During the month of July, there was a significant increase in purchases by revenue/investment and recreation property buyers, and by home owners downsizing to strata units, while other categories saw a drop or remained the same as the previous month.